Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Homeward Bound

Jeremy and I officially moved from France right before Thanksgiving.  We went to Utah first, as I did an IVF cycle...again.  We cracked up at the decor at Costco, not Deseret Book, Costco!

Kristie hosted Thanksgiving at her house and there were about 35 people that attended, it was a zoo, but so nice.  I put the girls in charge of taking pictures, needless to say I got all of them and a few of the grown-ups!

Papa Greg

Kristie and Trevor

Lilly and Rylee

Addie and Rhiya


My friends and I went to the Grand America for a Christmas brunch, it was so fun to catch up with Annie, Erin and Christy...why didn't I take a picture of them..only the decorations at the hotel.

Jaxon and Jeremy watching some animal attacking some animal.  Jaxon loves to cuddle up to us in bed and watch something on our ipad, mostly animal things or Master Chef, Jr.

Jeremy and I did a little Temple Square visit and went to see the "Tree of Life" in Draper.

We flew to Pittsburgh for Christmas Day.  Mostly we took pictures of Eloise, it was her first Christmas!  She was the perfect Christmas doll!

Dad was kicked outside Christmas Eve to grate cabbage for coleslaw.


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