Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Homeward Bound

Jeremy and I officially moved from France right before Thanksgiving.  We went to Utah first, as I did an IVF cycle...again.  We cracked up at the decor at Costco, not Deseret Book, Costco!

Kristie hosted Thanksgiving at her house and there were about 35 people that attended, it was a zoo, but so nice.  I put the girls in charge of taking pictures, needless to say I got all of them and a few of the grown-ups!

Papa Greg

Kristie and Trevor

Lilly and Rylee

Addie and Rhiya


My friends and I went to the Grand America for a Christmas brunch, it was so fun to catch up with Annie, Erin and Christy...why didn't I take a picture of them..only the decorations at the hotel.

Jaxon and Jeremy watching some animal attacking some animal.  Jaxon loves to cuddle up to us in bed and watch something on our ipad, mostly animal things or Master Chef, Jr.

Jeremy and I did a little Temple Square visit and went to see the "Tree of Life" in Draper.

We flew to Pittsburgh for Christmas Day.  Mostly we took pictures of Eloise, it was her first Christmas!  She was the perfect Christmas doll!

Dad was kicked outside Christmas Eve to grate cabbage for coleslaw.


Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Our new city - Vancouver and Richmond, Canada

Jeremy and I did a little scouting trip in November to Vancouver to find a place to live and to get our work visas.  We found a lovely little condo in Richmond.  Richmond is a very close suburb to Vancouver and where Jeremy's office is located.  We knew we would stick to Richmond since we have visited there before and didn't want a long commute for Jeremy.  Our place is in the Steveston neighborhood and we are in love with the area....you may see why.  We are on the Fraser River which leads into the Pacific Ocean about a mile away.  The water is calm and we are across the street from the whale watching charter boats, it's pretty much Jeremy's dream come true.  Sometime in the near future I will post pictures of our actual place, but for now, here are some of the area!

A couple times a week the fishing boats come in and sell fresh fish, this is pretty much across the street from us!

There used to be many canneries right here in Steveston, now I believe there is only one that is still in use, but the area is still very active in commercial and private fishing.

Way out there is Vancouver Island (where Victoria is located) and Jeremy and I always look out our bedroom window in the morning to determine the weather for the day by seeing if we can see the island or not.

There are also many restaurants that overlook the fishing piers.

We also did a little exploring in Point Roberts, which is a little peninsula that is actually in the USA but only accessible through Canada.  Isn't this the cutest house ever?

We drove up to Stanley Park in Vancouver and took some pictures of North Vancouver

I forgot to mention that a popular t.v. show is filmed on our street "Once Upon a Time"...do you recognize any of these sights?  We had the chance to see some of it being filmed while we were here too!  So basically, we live in Storybrooke.


With the filming sign still on the store front

Belle's library (the show has a clock tower there on the top)

This leads me to a little contest/brainstorming.  Now that I no longer live in France, it seems strange to call my blog Freddie in France so I'm looking for a new, clever name.  Are you witty enough to come up with something, if you do I'll send you a little souvenir from Storybrooke!  Here are some things to go on, but feel free to think of your own title!  Comment or Facebook any good ideas please!

P.S. I like alliteration 

Our names: Aimee, Freddie, the Lunts, Lunt, Jeremy,????
Places to possibly choose from: Steveston, Bayview (our street), Storybrooke, Richmond, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada,????

Where it all began....Italy!

As a farewell to Europe we spent our last few days in Sorrento, Italy (where we spent our honeymoon!)  Jeremy spoiled me once again with this incredibly cool hotel with an exquisite view of the Bay of Naples.  We went over to Capri one day but other than that, we just chilled and ate all of the good Italian food we could before moving thousands of miles away.

Our hotel:

The lobby where they had free food all day and the most delicious hot chocolate we have ever had, it was basically pudding!

Our room

Our view

Mt. Vesuvius in the background, it was breathtaking!

We stopped to get some gelato but instead both ordered chocolate mousse on a cone, it was a wonderful mistake, but Jeremy had to finish mine!

Then we found this confusing sweatshirt in one of the stores - Salt Lake City, what????


Caprese salad in Capri

More relaxing at the hotel